How to Get Camera sensor model number in your Android Phones

How to Get sensor model number in your Android Fones

Often when we think about buying a smart phone, the only question that comes to our mind is, which mobile is the best? Whose battery is good, whose camera is good?

There are so many Android smartphones in the market, due to which often every user has to face a lot of problems in choosing which smartphone is better. Which device fulfills our demand? But after reading this article, you will not have to face this problem further. You can compare the performance of Android smartphones with the help of benchmark scores which are often released by consumer remote. Benchmarking apps have been created to check the performance of Android smartphones. These benchmarking apps give you a detailed report about the performance of your Android smartphone. 

Like it will tell you about the processor of Android smartphone, as well as it also gives information about how your smartphone is doing. Information about RAM and storage capacity can also be obtained through benchmarking apps. Do You Also Use Pirated Software ? So Be carefull. Popular benchmarking apps like Greekbanch give you complete information about your smartphone. Like this benchmarking app gives information about the number of cores present in the CPU, what is the current clock rate of the smartphone. One thing should be kept in mind that such benchmarking apps do not give you any information about the battery capacity of the phone and information about the camera sensor.  

Now the question arises that if such benchmarking apps do not give you the details of the camera sensor, then how will you get the camera sensor model of your Android smartphone?

But before answering that question, it is important for you to know why you should know about the camera sensor. 

While buying a smartphone most of the time to learn about the camera, the only thing we do is check the megapixel of the camera. 

The camera megapixel only tells you about the sharpness of the camera. But you should know that megapixel does not tell you whether your camera is good or bad. 

 The model number of the camera will help you to know whether the camera sensor is new or for the latest latest features, you will definitely need the latest camera sensor.

Before buying, you should know whether the camera of the smartphone has the latest hardware or not.

How to know about camera sensor model number of your android smartphone? 

For this you can Use AIDA64 Hardware Info app. You can easily know the following methods given below. 

 ◆ First of all download and install AIDA64 from Google Play Store.  

◆ Then open that app 

◆ Check the camera sensor model number under the camera ID category.

◆ Now you can learn about the camera sensor of your Android smartphone. 

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