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Jio prime membership
Hello Friends, welcome to our new post. in this post, I will give some new information about jio prime, which you will not know, I am publishing it in 2020. I will also answer many questions in this post which where discovered in 2019. Many blogs and may not have been able to answer those questions. But I will answer all those questions. If I miss any question, then you can ask me by comment. I will surely answer you by reply.

Many people use the Jio sim card but they don't know how to do Jio prime membership. In this post, I will explain the entiry proses of doing Jio prime membership, which you can easily do Jio prime membership by the this post.

If you are wondering which plan will be the best in Jio prime membership, then I will also answer that question in this post and I will also tell you how you can do Jio prime Membership by registering For this my entire post will have to be read, otherwise you may not be able to do this, I will upload some screenshots and some videos. you will see them, you will get a bit more knowledge.

Jio Prime Offers

Now I will tell you about the offers of Jio prime membership, here I will tell you many offers, you will be able to take advantage of those offers, after reading this post, you will know a lot of Jio prime offers. you can activate any Jio prime membership according to your budget or you can activate it yourself. I will also write about how to Jio prime activates the membership. so you read this post carefully so that you can understand all the words understood well.

Only Jio Prime member offers

Price Data Validity
0.1GB / Day
28 Days
0.5GB / Day
28 Days
 2 GB
28 Days
1GB / Day
 24 Days
1 GB / Days
 28 Days
 2 GB / Days
   28 Days
 2 GB / Days
   28 Days
 2 GB / Days
    28 Days
 1.5 GB / Days
   56 Days
2 GB / Days
   56 Days

All these offers are only and only for Jio prime users. Those who are already Jio prime activate and below who are not Jio prime membership activate. I will also tell their Recharge plan, Jio prime will also be activated. because it will also have the charge add of Jio prime membership.

Non Jio Prime membership offers

Price Data Validity
228 2 GB 28 Days
248 1 GB / Day 24 Days
298 1.5 GB / Day  28 Days
348 2 GB / Days  28 Days
428 6 GB 84 Days
448 3 GB / Day 28 Days
498 1.5 GB / Day 56 Days
543 2 GB / Day 56 Days
654 1.5 GB / Day  84 Days
698 2 GB / Day 84 Days

The percent offers is only for those whose Jio prime is not already activated. If you recharge any of these plans, then your Jio prime will be activated. All these plans recharges have a extra charge of 99 rupees, that is a change of 99 rupees Jio prime. you can activate your Jio prime by recharging any of these plans. I will explain below how can activate your Jio prime.

How To Activate Jio Prime

I am going to write a way to activate Jio prime. You can easily activate your Jio prime by reading this method or I will add a video as well. you can also watch that video. Both of these will be very helpful for you. you must watch this video or read the method.

Jio Prime Activate Method

  • Open My jio app
  • Click Recharge option
  • Select jio prime membership plan
  • after going you payment page
  • choose any payment option and pay
  • after successful payment you show this interface
    Successfully recharge Jio prime

Jio prime membership Activate Video

After watching this video, you will know how to activate Jio prime. you can activate your own Jio prime itself, so watching this video, this video is very beneficial for you.

Last Word

I think I have given you full information about jio prime. If you still have any other problems, then you can ask us by contacting us or make a comment, we will definitely answer your questions.
Thanks for Read 🙋🙋🙋

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