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Hi friends, welcome to my website today, I will give you information about IDEA MONEY. Many people search Google on many questions about IDEA Money. I will give you some questions answers in this post. you keep reading this post, you will get answers to many questions.

Today I will give you answers to such questions which are most searched on Google. Because most people go to the very website to find answers to their questions. I will only tell you the most searched questions answers.

If you don't get the answer to your question, then comment below, I will give you answer. Or were come to our contact page and contact us there. Anyway, I will answer many of questions the IDEA Money Which people are always looking for on Google.

What is IDEA Money

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What is Idea money, Friends, I will also answer to this question in this post, this question many people search on Google. Many people do not know what functions we can use from Idea money, So I will first wanted to answer this question

Idea money platform is a platform of idea launched from where you can use a lot of function. Such as Mobile Recharge, DTH recharge, Or Online payment all this future is on idea money. I will Explorer all these features one by one.

Idea money platform is linked to Aditya birla bank which is a very good for all users. if you want, you can keep money in Idea money or you can also keep money in Aditya birla bank. in Idea money, I thought that the best funtion is on that it has a UPI option.

IDEA Money Register process

Many people get a problem to register or login to the idea money platform. I will give you the answer to how to do both these processes easily. Because this question is also searched on Google and it is my duty that I answer my question to my website users. It is very easy to login to idea money. I am writing below in the process of login or register, you read  carefully.

I am give a video, if you watch that video, you will not have any problem in login or register with Idea money, In addition to the video, I am writing the process to login or register you. You can read. This will save your data, I will write the login process.

Idea money Login process

  1. Open Idea money platform
  2. Enter your mobile number
  3. Enter your idea money platform Password
  4. click the login bottom
  5. after that you login successfully Idea money platform
Hope I have explained entire process of Register or login process to idea money. If you have still having trouble login or western to idea money, then comment below or go to our contact page and email us there, I will surely reply to you.

IDEA Money All Function

Idea money has many functions, but I will tell you about 3 functions, you can know about these 3 functions. I am going to write about 3 functions in this post.

  1. Recharge :- you can recharge any sim card by Idea money platform Recharge option.
  2. Bill payment :- You can pay any bill by Idea money platform bill payment option.
  3. DTH :- You can recharge any DTH by Idea money platform DTH option.

Last Word

Hope I have given you all the information about idea money in this post. If you want an answer to any other question, then you comment us, I will definitely reply to you.

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