How to use Paytm

How to use Paytm app

How to use paytm

  • Friends, Paytm is India's no.1 mobile payment app, it has many uses and I will write how to use paytm, This question is searched by many people in Google, I will write many more questions answers write in this post, please this post Read.

  • Friends, There are many functions in paytm, you can use all of them, that is absolutely free and it can be very beneficial for you, because you Use this app very much and it work well, due to which it is famous in India.

  • Friends, I will tell you how to use paytm and will also give all the information of paytm, read the post carefully, in this you get answers to very beneficial questions.

➥ In this post I will answer all these questions, please read the full post, it will give you a lot of information.

  • Paytm Money
  • Paytm app download
  • Paytm Money Transfer
  • What is Paytm
  • Paytm Debit card
  • how to add money in Paytm
  • Paytm IFC code

Q1. Paytm Money?

Friends Paytm Money, this question comes in the mind of a lot of people and they search on Google, So I am going to answer this question first, please read carefully in which I am going to write about paytm money

  • Friends, Paytm Money this question is searched many times on Google, so I thought that I should answer this question, There are many types of Paytm Money, like if you have added upi ID in your paytm account, you have that money in your bank , not in your paytm account but you can use that money through net banking, This facility is available in paytm

  • Number 2 the money you add to your paytm account, then that money is in your Paytm account you can use this money anywhere, Like using Recharge, DTH, Bill payment, Etc and use paytm money you get cashback, which is added to your paytm wallet, that is also paytm money, even if you do some kind of work.

Q2. Paytm App Download?

Friends I will tell you about downloading the paytm app right now, which will tell you step by step from where you can download the paytm app very easily.

  • Friends, you can download the paytm app  from the play store, you open the play store and search paytm in the search box there, and first of all you will find the paytm app and Download the paytm app.

  • Friends, if you want to download the paytm app without searching, then click on the link below will take you to the automatic play store, from there you can easily download the paytm app.

Paytm apk Download hear click
Click here to download Paytm app

Q3. Paytm Money Transfer?

How to transfer money from Paytm, this question is searched on Google many time and a lot of people don't know to transfer money from Paytm, so I thought write about it too.

Friends, you can transfer two types of money from Paytm such as through Paytm wallet and or upi, I will write how to transfer both types of money.

Paytm wallet money transfer process

  • Open your paytm app
  • I hope you login your paytm app 
  • click the pay option
  • enter the number of the Porson who has to pay
  • or scan QR code click the proceed bottom
  • Enter your pay amount
  • click the pay bottom
  • After successfully transfer paytm money

Paytm upi money transfer process

  • Open your paytm app
  • click the upi money transfer option
  • enter the upi ID of the Porson who have to pay
  • enter upi ID after click proceed bottom
  • enter pay amount and click proceed bottom
  • After money transfer successful

Q4. What is Paytm?

Friends, what is paytm, This question is many time search on Google, So I thought that I should also write the answer so that a lot of people can get help and I will also write  information about some paytm.

  • Friends, Paytm is mobile wallet app, This app can do many tasks like mobile recharge, DTH recharge, bill payment, etc this is way this app is used by millions of people it is famous app in India.

Q5. Paytm Debit card?

Paytm Debit card, Friends many people don't have a debit card, So they want paytm Debit card to be found, Then friends, I am going to write about it, I will tell you all the details of paytm Debit card and how to apply it.

Paytm Debit card charge

Friends, if you apply paytm Debit card, then you have to pay 250 rupees and every year will have to pay 150 rupees

Paytm Debit card apply prosess

Friends, if you want to apply for paytm Debit card, then your paytm wallet should have full KYC and your should be 250 rupees in paytm saving account.

Paytm Debit card apply prosess

  • Open your paytm app
  • Click saving account
  • scroll down and click Debit & atm card 
  • click request Atm card
  • After you set your debit card delivery address and submit
  • Debit card Request successful
  • Few days after your debit card Delivery by your delivery address

Q6. How to add money in Paytm

How to add money to paytm, this question is also searched on Google very often, it is very easy but not many people know, So I will write this method step by step.

Paytm add money prosess

  • Open your paytm app
  • Click the add money option
  • enter your add money amount
  • you have any promo code enter now 
  • click the proceed to add money bottom
  • choose any opinion enter details and click pay bottom
  • enter otp/ upi pin
  • after successfully add money

Q7. Paytm IFC code

Friends, Paytm IFC code many people don't know IFC code of Paytm, so they search on Google, I will write what is the IFC code of Paytm.

Paytm information finish
Friends I hope you have found  the answer to how to use paytm, if you have any problem then comment in the comment box below, I will surely reply to you.

Thanks for Read 🙋🙋🙋

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